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The International Rescue Foundation offers a chance of a life time to enter School for children aged between 6 to 18 years has been imparting the highest-level of education that very few institutions provide. Adhering to the best quality of education, and the highest International standards our facilitate will be like no other.

The school is committed to providing education to students of various circumstances in a safe and compatible environment. It utilizes international techniques and innovative methods to mold the lives of pupils from underprivileged diverse backgrounds. As its students come from all over India, the school has to be above par the standards of generic education system. It has to rise above others and in such endeavor; it comes out with exceptional results that world-class schools need to give.

We will have a world–class residential infrastructure with beautiful premises. The best of the best academicians are employed to cater to the needs of “world-class mentoring”. Our faculty will embark on visionary minds that have utter zeal and passion to train and educate young minds in all aspects of life that could make them successful.

We believe in all-round development of students and therefore, facilitate a number of extracurricular activities and sports. It ensures that every child must be trained to the utmost potential and consequently be donned with a complete personality, making him/her stand out in this highly competitive world.

When it comes to our students, We will ensures that these will enjoy in the process of learning. They are made to learn naturally with ease. The school tries to bring out the best from amongst its children. It recognizes the potential every individual has in a particular field and inspires every student towards sheer success through optimum utilization of the inherent skills.

Students will learn the spirit of competitiveness through hard work and co-ordination. The school’s teachers and mentors are highly qualified and skilled professionals and are recruited on the basis of their visionary traits of leaderships. Good , leaders make great leaders.

We strive towards giving every student, a stress-free environment in order to make them learn with full ease and with the utilization of their skills to the greatest extent.

We are situated on the  2 kilometers outside of Baria   


We are going to be    far ahead and advanced than other schools. It makes its students think critically, seriously and with scrutiny towards life aspects and situations. It transcends national boundaries and its international environment prepares leaders of the world.   As an international school perceives a global community for future. The institution adheres to the values of integrity, mutual respect and brings the whole world on a single platform.

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