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Learning Enviormnet

24- 7 hour Learning Environment


The IRF boarding school model deepens student learning.  WE are committed to keeping every child safe and secure, to using the gift of time to know and nurture each student’s passions, and to providing seamless, consistent and fulfilling academic and life experiences.  We also takes pride in providing responsive administrative services and a well-maintained physical campus, all of which reflect our core values and college-preparatory mission

Positive Culture of Higher levels of  Expectations


Our students and staff are expected to relentlessly pursue excellence and to consistently exhibit the core values of responsibility, respect, self-discipline, compassion and integrity.  We will uphold these values, provide clear communication about school expectations and protocols, and support all members of our community so that they can contribute positively and learn to be reflective about their own growth.  We believe that all members of our community should be celebrated for their growth and achievements.

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