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Trained Personnel

It is believed that the personnel working in a Not for profit  may be of personnel working in such organizations is a sense of dedication and commitment and interest in the social services.

Not for profits  earlier were assumed to be served by unpaid social workers imbued with the spirit of service and did not require any special education or training. But the present trend who are having professional education are not interested to work with Not for profits. Their vision has been changed and are interested to work in urban areas only. Therefore, it is very difficult to get trained persons who are either willing or trained to work in the rural society where most of Not for profits work. Moreover, these professionally trained persons have high expectations in terms of salaries, status, opportunities for their growth in the career of their choice. Moreover, most of Not for profits due to lack of funds cannot able to spent some more funds for giving training to the personnel employed in the organization .Some of Not for profits  are in fear of personnel who may shift to another big NGO after taking training from it

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